Are you busy?

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How often do you find yourself being asked this question or worse still, asking it? I run my own small business and I often get asked are you busy? I’m never quite sure how to respond. If I say no, … Continued

Sagrada Familia

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You can’t come to Spain and not visit the Sagrada Familia. The construction of this church began in 1882, 134 years ago. It is designed by Antoni Gaudi, one of Spain’s famous sons. It is the Basilica and Expiatory Church … Continued


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Barcelona has surprised us. What a wonderful, bustling city. It is so much busier than I imagined. The architecture is a combination of Renaissance and Baroque (influenced by Italy and France) and Modernism. The buildings are majestic, the streets wide … Continued

Aveiro to Praia de Mira

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Friday 15 July Today was one of those days that in hindsight we will regale with great stories over dinner and a glass of red wine. However, the reality was somewhat more challenging and stressful than we would like to … Continued

Furadoura to Aveiro

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GPS systems are great- except when the route you are taking is not on the mapped roads. Our ride today took us off the beaten track and through some beautiful landscapes. We biked by the Aveiro lagoon for quite a … Continued

Porto to Furadouro

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10-12 July Porto They came out of nowhere. Caped crusaders filling the streets and cafes. Portuguese flags tied around necks and draped over backs, billowed in the evening breeze and green and red warrior stripes adorned cheeks. Children, the young … Continued

Lisboa (Lisbon)

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Lisboa (Lisbon) 8th and 9th July   Yesterday we walked to Alfama, the historic quarter. Alfama is the oldest city in Europe according to our Tuk Tuk driver and guide. We started our day with a mild 32 degrees. And … Continued

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