Are you busy?

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How often do you find yourself being asked this question or worse still, asking it? I run my own small business and I often get asked are you busy? I’m never quite sure how to respond. If I say no, … Continued

Positive self-talk

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Internal communication influences our external communication I needed a par on the 16th hole. I was having a great round and as a result, I began to put myself under pressure. I stood over the ball and took extra care to … Continued

Plan your writing

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This is the time of year where we plan our business strategy, goals, marketing and budgets. But have you thought about planning your business writing? Communication is a key part of any organisation. We produce web content, blogs newsletters, daily … Continued

Communicating for your audience

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A good writer should write for their audience and so it is with our verbal communication. We should speak for our listener, not ourselves. I’ll give you an example. My grandmother is 99 years old in two weeks time. She … Continued

Ninety eight and not out!

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In recent times I have had the privilege of spending more time with my 98 year old Grandmother as I have taken over the logistics of her care.About two months ago she had a fall and as a result she … Continued

Cherry Picker Class

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Technology lessons from a three year old   Tenby Powell, a SME advocate, was quoted in the Business News (Sunday Star times June 9th) saying it “really is critical that companies have some form of digital presence so they can … Continued