How fresh is your website content?

Last week a client of mine rang me to talk about his new website. After 30 years as a tradesman his son told him he needed to have an internet presence. So my client dutifully set about getting a website designed and I worked with him on the content.

He was ringing to say thanks because he had so much work through his website that he was turning jobs away. But he’s also smart. He understands that to keep his clients engaged he will need to keep his website fresh and updated regularly. As his job changes with the seasons, so will his website content.

Updating the content of your website every 3-4 months could be the key to increased web traffic. This tells the search engines you have fresh content which results in your site being re-indexed, keeping your rankings high or at least improving them.

I hear you say, “My website is a static site; I don’t have anything to update it with.” Sorry, this isn’t a good enough excuse. Fresh, quality content increases your search engine visibility. If you have a static site concentrate on the home page, this is where people land. Rewrite it, but make sure you work in your keywords. The Google crawler thrives on unique original content that is published consistently. Think about writing a blog or have someone write it for you. Blogs are great for Google searches.

Fresh content provides customers with a reason to communicate with you. If your content is stale and your web design dated, they will assume your business is the same. And if you don’t have time to update content yourself, contract a content writer who has SEO experience to do it for you. If it’s done regularly the expense won’t be huge and the results would probably pay for the investment tenfold.

What to update?

·    Company product or service
·    Announcements
·    Special offers
·    An event
·    Change in policy
·    Seasonal change in work offered

Ask yourself “Is my content focused and descriptive as well as interesting and informative, is it customer focused, is it fresh, would I want to deal with this company?”

If you need help with content writing, a content review or updating your existing content, contact me. Put yourself above your competitors by being fresh and smart with your web content.

Sue Avison is the Director of ‘Say It Once’- Business Writing for Success.  Sue specialises in writing web content, newsletters, articles and business documentation.

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