Stanley Park

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Wednesday, June 22nd: Stanley Park

I have never been to a park before that has red fire hydrants strategically placed in the bush. Quite sensible, I’m sure you’d agree!

Stanley Park is beautiful and offers walking and biking tracks around the harbour and through the bush. We hired the old fashioned bikes with wide handlebars, no gears and back peddling to brake. I had a basket on the front of mine and the picture would have been complete with ET sitting in it. They were great bikes, except the hills could have been helped with a gear or two and gripping non-existent brakes on the handles didn’t have the desired effect of slowing me down on the slopes.

I soon got the hang of it and we enjoyed the fresh air and exercise after the long flight. We spotted a badger sitting in the middle of the path but by the time I got the camera out he was scampering into the undergrowth. The photo of his back is proof we saw it though!




Ian was happy to have his photo taken by this totem – can you guess why?

We passed a homeless man on one of the tracks by the sea. He had all his clothes laid out on the park bench and wall. They were wet so I think it must have been laundry day, minus the washing powder. He was so orderly. We passed him a second time a few hours later and he had collected his washing and had nearly finished packing up. Everything on his trolleys seemed to have a place and he was taking great care of it all. I think he was being the equivalent of our house proud.

We spotted our cruise ship in port as it was getting ready to sail. I’ve identified all life raft and think I will purchase an abseiling rope so I can get to it quickly from my balcony. No harm in being prepared.

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